The Markt of Bruges with horse carriage, Belgium
Jheronimus Bosch

Out of the Canvas

Contemporary artists transform the masterpieces of the Flemish Primitives into physical sculptures.

22 tons of plaster shows 707 m² of sculptures, a sculpture gallery of 265 meters long with a ceiling height of 2.65 meters, spread over 7 rooms.

A unique experience attraction

For centuries, the church held our bodies captive. Discover the secret language of Bosch, van Eyck and Memling in an anecdotal sculpture walk.

3D Museum Bruges

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An example from the oevre:

The most famous triptych from Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights, is originally 220 cm high and 389 cm wide, or more than 8 m².

The reproduction in 3D is approximately 360 m².

No fewer than 220 characters from the authentic canvas were examined and transformed into physical sculptures on a human scale.

Sculptural Reality

In the 3D Museum you do not wear VR glasses, but you go live to discover a tangible world of artworks.

The 3D Museum has been designed by the majestic hands of 40 visual artists from 12 different countries.
After more than 2,500 overnight stays and 7,500 meals, coloring could begin.

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16+ or parental advisory

The 3D scenes contain erotic scenes. The audio guide lists explicit content. This is a warning for parental advisory and not a prohibition for explicit content.

Mariastraat 10 8000 Bruges

a permanent attraction
open every day 365/7
open from 10 am to 6 pm
+32 (50) 684 584
open since April 8, 2019
duration visit 1 - 1,5 h
audio-guide tour
wheelchair accecssible
unique for the blind
educational school programs
customized corporate events
Tripadvisor ranks 5/5
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It is no coincidence that three mystical triptychs were chosen for the reproductions of Jheronimus Bosch .

vaneyck 15

In the Anthony triptych , the desert father resists many perverted temptations and devilish sacrifices.

vaneyck 19

In stark contrast to the Garden of Earthly Delights, the land of lazy days where people are sinning passionately.

vaneyck 20

In the Last Judgment we see the terrible consequences of this immodest and unchaste life in paradise.