The Markt of Bruges with horse carriage, Belgium

Sculptural Reality

The 3D Museum is a handmade experience attraction, original and unique.

The 3D Museum was built in 70 days by 40 artists from 12 countries, together they used no less than 22 tons of plaster. Nowhere else have the masterpieces of the Flemish Primitives been reproduced in such detail in physical 3D sculptures.

The 3D Museum is not a virtual reality attraction, here you are not in a dressing room with VR glasses on your head, but you walk live through a tangible world of 707 m² sculptures. Call it sculptural reality!


The Pelican House Mariastraat 10, Bruges

The 3D-Museum is realised in The Pelican House, a former passage to the birth chapel of St. Salvator’s Cathedral.

The protected monument in Louis XIV style is located in the Mariastraat, the oldest part in the city center of Bruges. The image of the pelican above the monumental gate refers to the divine symbol of birth of that ancient time.


22 tons of gypsum

The sculptures were made with only water and plaster.

No less than 22,000 kg of powdery adhesive plaster was mixed with water in a flexible hand cup and applied, molded, cured, sanded and painted directly from the palette knife.

You can compare 22 tons or 22 pallets of 1,000 kg with the loading volume of one CE truck.


40 artists 12 nationalities

The magisterial hands of approximately 40 professional visual artists, from all corners of the world, have built the three-dimensional sculptures.

Artists from Australia, Canada, America, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany and France were invited.

After more than 2,500 overnight stays and 7,500 meals, the sculpting was completed, and the coloring could begin.


Brushes the color language

Sculpting with plaster requires a lot of water. Drying out the images took several weeks.

After obtaining the correct humidity level, the actual coloring of all relief has started.

The shadow techniques promote the three-dimensional effect. The result is impressive to say the least.


7 rooms 3D gallery

The 3D Museum is divided into 7 rooms. Each room has a different theme. The first 5 rooms embody Hieronymus Bosch.

Room 6 is about Jan van Eyck and room 7 focuses on Hans Memling.

We start in the Garden of Earthly Delights and end in the Church of the Lasts, an anecdotal sculpture trail.


707 sqm 3D sculptures

The artists have created no less than 707 m² of mural walls.

If you placed all the walls of all rooms next to each other, you would obtain one relief sculpture of no less than 265 m long with a canvas height of 2.6 m.


1800 LED's curtain light

The lighting on sculptures in relief creates depth and silhouette.

The installation of 1800 warm white LEDs in series, at an equal canvas height, results in a museum-dramatic and 3D-enhancing emphasis lighting.